Investor Inspections

agreementEdifice takes pride in the services we offer the investment community. Some of our clients have purchased properties sight unseen relying on our inspectors to act as their eyes during the selection and rehab process. We offer a pre-purchase inspection that focuses on the property’s condition but also those areas that could become potential sources of law suits from future tenants. Reducing the buyer’s exposure to liability is the other focus we provide when inspecting a property. Although most investors dictate what they want inspected depending on their comfort level, the following areas are typically inspected: structural, electrical panel, age and condition of water heater, furnace and air conditioning equipment, drainage, water entry issues, health concerns including, mold, Asbestos, ventilation and safety issues.

Edifice also offers inspections during the rehab process to assure proper workmanship and that the construction is being performed to current building standards.