Home Inspection Packages to help you SAVE

We offer additional inspection services that most of our customers add before buying a home, our most popular includes three additional inspections, one providing a radon inspection, another providing a termite inspection and a third providing a sewer scope inspections. You can get these individually but if you choose to bundle them together we can offer you additional saving

Edifice Plus Home Inspection: –$50 Savings

(Cost of the home inspection plus $225)
  • Termite Inspection ($75 Value)
  • Radon Inspection  ($200 Value)

Edifice Supreme Home Inspection–$274 Savings

(Cost of the home inspection plus $550)
  • Infared Scan ($150 Value)
  • Sprinkler & Irrigation Inspection ($35 Value)
  • Termite Inspection ($75 Value)
  • Radon Inspection ($200 Value)
  • Sewer Scope ($299 Value)

Edifice Home Inspection:

With every Inspection we have partnered with Porch Services to offer a 90 Day Inspection Guarantee along with the Home Assistant Gold Service

Edifice and Porch have partnered up to offer all of our Inspections the Porch Guarantee We know inspectors intend to perform thorough quality inspections, but sometimes deficiencies are found after the inspection process is completed. The Porch Inspection Guarantee can assist inspectors and their clients in the process of correcting deficiencies that are discovered after the original inspection is performed.

As a thank-you for being a Edifice Customer, you will enjoy a complimentary Porch Moving Concierge membership plus $200 in Porch Handyman Services for all of your move-in tasks and beyond

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