The Home Inspection: Do’s and Don’ts for Home Buyers

The Home Inspection Do's and Don'ts for Home Buyers
January 3, 2023

Home inspection services in Peachtree City ensure the housing condition of your home and tell you whether your home is safe for you and your family. Once you know what you have to look for when you are opting for a home inspection can help you understand the condition of your house. You can learn about any defects, what repairs should be made by the seller before you shift into the house if you have enough leverage, etc. You shall use the home inspection tips below to prepare for the Home Inspection Services Peachtree City and what comes next.

Do Vet More Than One Home Inspector

It is best to conduct thorough research before choosing a home inspector. It is also to note that specific professional organizations, such as the American Society of Home Inspectors, can be a better way to find a qualified home inspector. There are other professional organizations too that you can look forward to once you are finding a qualified home inspector. 

There is a chance that your real estate agent might recommend you to a home inspector, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to that one for the entire process. It is best to get independent house inspector services in Peachtree City to avoid any conflict of interest and get an unbiased opinion about your home’s condition. Furthermore, if your home seller has already opted for a home inspection (pre-selling inspection), they will also come forward to show you a report for that inspection. 

Do Be There For Home Inspection 

Experts recommend that buyers mark their presence during the home inspection. It is better to tag along with your home inspector, follow them from room to room, and ask questions to have transparency about the issues they find. This will give you first-hand experience with the defects or problems, and you will know precisely what you are dealing with. 

Furthermore, this will also help you have a better understanding of the inspection report. Know that an inspection report is not relatively easy to understand and is very intense, especially if you are buying a home for the first time. Your inspector will be jotting down every minor and significant detail there and acknowledging that without seeing those issues live can be pretty overwhelming. 

Lastly, knowing that your House Inspector Service Peachtree City doesn’t have a crystal ball is essential. At the same time, your home inspector will not be willing to provide answers about the things that are out of the contract requirements. Whatever question appears to your mind, you shall ask them then and there.

Do Get a Home Inspection for New Construction

 Many homebuyers think that if they buy a newly constructed house, they can skip the inspection, but this certainly is not the case. Even if the house you are interested in is newly built, a home inspection should still be one thing you can’t think of skipping. 

A home inspection can give you a different perspective on the house you intend to buy. As per the experts, there lies a big difference between the evaluations carried out by a municipal inspector and a home inspector you will be hiring independently. A municipal inspector’s job is to determine if the new construction complies with the building codes, and a home inspector’s job is to decide whether it’s safe to reside in that home. On the whole, in this case, a home inspector double-checks whether there are any loose ends or not. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate With the Seller

A home inspection report will mention every item that needs repairing or replacement. It is best if you don’t expect the seller to fix every major and minor defect in the home inspection report because that will not happen anyway. One thing that will help is negotiating the cost of major repairs with the home seller that the seller’s disclosure didn’t include. 

Skip anything that might be regarded as typical wear and tear or cosmetic to prevent handing out an excessively long list. Furthermore, it is pointless to negotiate over little repairs if you already have renovation plans. You can ask the seller to make any more significant repairs before your move if they do occur. You might want to ask for a second inspection before closing or to see documentation (such as receipts) proving that professionals performed the job. Alternatively, you can ask the seller for a credit or negotiate a lower sale price. 

Don’t Assume You Can Hold Home Inspector Liable 

The home inspector’s primary concern is your safety, but that doesn’t mean they are your keeper. Some home inspection contracts don’t offer much assurance when discussing undiscovered problems, so your home inspector provides a limited warranty. 

The scope of the inspector’s duties is specified in their contract, thereby reducing their legal liability. For instance, an arbitration agreement would prevent you from bringing a lawsuit in the event of a tragedy. Even if you could sue, further provisions would limit the compensation you could get; for example, you could only get back the inspection cost.

Don’t Get In The Home Inspector’s Way 

You are welcome to follow along and raise questions, but don’t get in the way of the home inspector. You should also tag along with them rather than wander to other house rooms. For instance, if you start running the kitchen sink while they are measuring the water pressure in the bathroom, the results may be tampered with.

Even though there is no need to mention it, your home inspection is integral to your home-buying process. So, you need to hire the best home inspection company to ensure a smooth process. Edifice Inspections is here to serve you with their professional home inspection services and qualified inspection checks for the house you intend to buy. Our qualified inspectors ensure no loopholes in your inspection check, and you get a thorough and transparent inspection report for your home.

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